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Abrivado Festival 

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Born in Paris in 1962, Bruno Vigneron was introduced to photography at a very young age through his father, an enthusiastic amateur photographer.
He communicates to him the passion of looking at others. 
After two years of assistantship with a fashion photographer, he opted for photojournalism in 1984.
A short stint at AFP followed, but preferring to remain independent, he distributed his images according to his desires in the biggest agencies of the moment. He also collaborates with several magazines of the Hachette-Filipacchi Group, as well as with major German and Italian magazines.
The extreme diversity of his subjects is his driving force. 
He will therefore become one of the official photographers of the largest European dog sled race, to then move on to extreme sports and then to major offshore races.
This taste for diversity led him, thanks to his encounters, to collaborate with UNESCO, on a program directed by Marie-José Lallart, with whom he carried out various humanitarian missions in several African countries.
Today, his news reporting are distributed exclusively by the Sipa Press agency in Paris.

In 2017, and after more than 20 years, he returned to the world of exhibitions with various projects in collaboration with Benoit Laurenceau-Blanco, his artistic agent.
Among others:
- "War Doctors", exhibition dedicated to combat rescue, in collaboration with the Army.
Lyon, May-June 2019; Bron: June 2019 – March 2020.
- "123 Soleil", exhibition on this mythical neighborhood of Saint-Etienne.
The aim was to make portraits of the inhabitants of the district.
Saint Etienne: November 2019 - January 2020
"Eclairer les transparences". In collaboration with the Salvation Army Foundation, 8 months of work in shelters.
Cathedral of Fourvière. Lyon Oct 2019- Sept 2020
- "Fleur de Ghetto", exhibition on a work by Marcel Breuer, in Berlin, on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Bahaus.
- "Honor and Loyalty, exhibition on the IILE, Institute for Invalids of the Foreign Legion". Which takes care of and cares for old legionnaires at the end of their course.
In collaboration with the Foreign Legion.
St Mandé May - August 2021.

Current projects:
"Another look"
"Mummies" (working title)
Looking for Messerschmidt

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